A collection of the most helpful items or websites I've found on the path to learning French.


Frequency Dictionary of French

The logical way to learn foreign language vocabulary is to learn the most frequently used words first. Duh! This is how it always should have been done, and certainly someone could have written some simple computer code to count word frequency decades ago. But it's probably only recently that we have the large, diverse corpus (I'm talking plays, interviews, government hearings, telephone conversations, etc.) on which to unleash said code. Well, the wait is over.  



I baulked at the price of this app for weeks, especially since there's a free desktop version. But once I downloaded the free 5000 word French frequency dictionary shared deck, I knew I'd practice much more if I had it on my phone. I took a deep breath... I paid the $25... I... am so happy I did! ONLY because it's on my phone do I rarely miss a day reviewing all flashcards due for review.